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Professional Health and safety training for the construction industry

JJH Safety Services Ltd offers advanced training for those in the construction industry to ensure the health and safety of the individual workers. Our training courses help to maintain the Health and safety standards in the construction industry and follow CITB requirements.

We offer our training programs in various locations including Coventry, Birmingham region, Doncaster, Leicester, London, Cardiff, and Sheffield.

Our CITB training programs can be arranged in dedicated training rooms. We can also arrange training at your location if suitable. Please contact our training consultant to discuss this. For individuals seeking the green CSCS cards we also arrange training over weekends subject to availability.

popular courses for those seeking health and safety training to work in the construction industry

If you are seeking the green card to get entry into the construction industry in the west Midlands or elsewhere the contact us for information about the 1 day H&S awareness course.

Grab Your CSCS Card

The green CSCS card is a basic entry labourer’s card. This card is the proof of an individual’s ability to be a part of the construction industry and carry out the taskson a construction project. Being a non-profit-limited company, CSCS has its directors from employer associations as well as unions who are clearly representing the wideness of the construction industry.

It is not a legislative requirement to hold a CSCS card to be a part of the construction industry in West Midland or elsewhere. This depends on the client of the project or the key contractor of the site whether they are ready to appoint workers for their ongoing projects without this card. Nonetheless, most of the major clients, site owners and construction contractors in London and elsewhere prefer to appoint workers on their sites with CSCS card since this card is proof they have learnt about the necessary skill, knowledge, attitude and training as a construction worker.

If the workers do not hold this card, then employers can appoint JJH Safety Services Ltd to arrange training to work safely on construction sites.

Our CITB Courses

1-day health and safety awareness course

if you are working or seek to work in the construction or civil engineering industry then this course is for you to gain the necessary training.

Course Overview

This course helps you to understand the potential dangers while working on construction sites. Our expert consultants will provide you with practical advice on how you can keep yourself as well as your colleagues safe in critical situations. The training also helps you to understand your role when you think that someone’s health and safety is at risk on the site. You will also understand the responsibilities of your employer in such conditions.

The latest Construction health and safety courses of JJH Safety Services Ltd is endorsed by Build UK and it aims to provide thorough knowledge about maintaining safety and health of the entire team while working on a particular site.

You Will Learn About

  • The requirement of avoiding and preventing accidents at construction sites
  • Your role in the procedure of controlling and managing the site
  • Health and safety law in the UK
  • Risk assessments and method statements, what are they and what I need to do?
  • Performing safely and asking for advice
  • Reporting unsafe conditions to prevent accidents

We also provide certificates for the successful completion of the course which will remain valid for 5 years.

Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme Or SSSTS

The course is designed for those considering or have a supervisory role in the construction industry

Course Overview

It is endorsed by Build UK as the standard training for all supervisors working on Build UK sites and provides an understanding of health, safety, welfare and environmental issues. It highlights legal responsibilities and the need to promote health and safety to supervise effectively.

At the end of the course you will have an understanding of:

  • Health and safety law and how it applies to supervisors
  • Your supervisory responsibilities in controlling site safely
  • Risk assessments and the need for method statements
  • Effective site inductions, toolbox talks and method statement briefings
  • Monitoring site activities effectively
  • Timely intervention when bad practice is identified

Certification for this course is valid for 5 years.

To remain certified in this area, you will need to take a refresher course before the expiry date on your certificate, otherwise the full course will need to be retaken.

Site Management Safety Training Scheme Or SMSTS

This course is for you if you’re considering, or already have, responsibilities for planning, organising, monitoring, controlling and administering groups of staff e.g. site manager.

Course Overview

It covers all relevant legislation affecting safe working in the building, construction and civil engineering industries. It highlights the need for risk assessment in the workplace, the implementation of the necessary control measures and adequate communication to sustain a health and safety culture within the workforce.

This course is endorsed by Build UK as the standard training for all construction managers.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Implement all health, safety, welfare and environmental legislation affecting your daily work, implement new guidance and industry best practice
  • State your duties and responsibilities with regards to health, safety, welfare and the environment

Certification for this course is valid for 5 years.

To remain certified in this area, you will need to take a refresher course before the expiry date on your certificate, otherwise the full course will need to be retaken.

Do You Want To Renew Your CSCS Card

To renew a card you need to prove you have the appropriate training and qualifications required to carry out your job. You also need to pass the Environmental Test.

The type of work you do, your qualifications, or your membership of a body will determine which type of CSCS card you should apply for and test you need to pass

To obtain further details contact CSCS direct so you can be certain of your requirements or contact us for advice